EXILE was found at the Spring of 2004 by Erilyne (vocals and guitars) in the small South-western town of Sandanski, Bulgaria.
It was more of a one man project at the very beginning when the demo "Nightcoming" was recorded.
Few weeks after the band was found and the first demo of three songs was recorded,
two members joined the band: Vassil (ex-The Devil) appeared as a second guitarist and Leidolf (drums).
The first live show of the band was on May 29 in the hometown. 
At the early summer of 2004 the demo "Restless Soul" was recorded as well and the band have started active rehearsal process. 
In September 20, 2004 the demo "Nightcoming" was released by the new-found Bulgarian Underground Metal label
Acclaim Records as a limited edition CD Split entitled "Nightcoming/Against the Christian Terror"
with the black metal band Bolg. During the same time gathering musical ideas for the epic death doom metal band
Forgotten Forests started as well, and includes all of the Exile's members. 
The song "Wolf" from "Nightcoming" demo was included in the Underground Black Metal compilation "We Worship..." 
vol.2 released in 2005 by A.M.F productions (Bulgaria).
In the last week of May 2005 Erilyne have decided to put together another demo recording, which was composed
and recorded for one week. This is the demo that continues the idea of "Nightcoming" and the woking title was
"Nightcoming 2". The difference is that keyboards have not being used and it became much more of a fast, aggressive
and old-school sound. After like an year spent on playing Exile songs mostly, the band slowly moved the focus
on the other project called Forgotten Forests. 
In 2007 all the three Exile demos were released on a tape fromat, limited to 500 copies each by the German underground label
Kassetten Edition Dreizack.
The CD "Hatenight" is released in March 2013 by Ah Puch Records (USA/Mexico) in limited edition to 1000 copies.
In August 2014 Erilyne have decided to release a compilation with non-album tracks which were unfinished for some reason.
Two of the songs were from the first demo period and also there is a rehearsal version of the track "Hate" from December 26, 2006.
This 5 tracks compilation has been released in honour of the 10th years anniversary of the band.
The first official T-shirt of the band was released in 2018 on Ah Puch records (USA), in limited edition to 100 copies.